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Created on 2013-08-06 05:28:11 (#2064245), last updated 2016-01-31 (85 weeks ago)

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Name:Plural Magic
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Hello, and welcome to the group! This is a place, as the title implies, to discuss magic, spirituality, religion, etc, in the context of not being alone inside. Sort of a "plural perspectives on spirituality" type of thing. This could be in regards to plural systems, familiar spirits, shamanic or spirit guides who hang out near the surface, membership in a cooperative collective consciousness, or anything similar. You do not have to identify as such if you are interested or want to discuss the topic on here; all constructive conversation is welcome.

There are very few rules for the group:

- Post submissions are moderated; if you consistently post good stuff, we may go ahead and let you post without moderation. If it's obvious you were trying, and we can't accept the submission, we'll let you know why. Posts are good! We like posts! We just want them to be good posts.

- Please try to stay on topic with posts. (e.g. "we had this great kind of gestalten experience the other day" is okay, but "did you see what Famous Actor did?!" is not. "We went to a carnival the other day and..." is arguably off topic too, but may be tolerated for the sake of providing some positive discussion of what it's like outside of spiritual topics. :) For long posts, please use cuts.

- Likewise with comments on posts, try to stay on topic.

- Do not pass judgement on people's "plural" form or spirituality, whether it's a "real" phenomenon or not, whether it's "advisable", or so on. That's different from real, constructive knowledge seeking, and I'm sure you know the difference. Don't judge in general! This is intended to be a safe place, as much as possible in a public forum. Any persistent harassment or badgering will likely result in being dropped.

Also, not to scare anyone away, but I do recommend exercising caution in revealing your identity in comments. The internets are forever.

That said, please enjoy!
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