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We use a number of terms in these blogs, some of them common, some of them not as much. Other people on the internet may disagree with our usage of these terms, and that is okay. This is just how we use them.

Plural / multiple - a state of having more than one person/consciousness in a body. We like the word "plural" because it feels more inclusive. (Some would draw a line from "multiple" to "multiple personality disorder", which is not universally applicable to plural systems.) Note that "plural" may also refer to medians. (See link at the bottom.)

System - a neutral term referring to a body that is plural. Or more precisely, to the group that resides in it.

Headmate / systemmate / Other - A member of a plural system. The latter ("Other") is an odd term that we came up with in order to make people who are not plural comfortable with exploring the ideas we post from a magic perspective.

Inner-world / Other-world / headspace - A place that members of a system may reside and/or visit. "Inner world" and "headspace" are more common in the larger community, but we like "other world" because it doesn't have any implication about where it's located.

Front - Control over the shared body. This act is called "fronting". Likewise, you may have "co-fronting", where there is more than one.

DID/MPD - These are psychiatric diagnoses for someone who is plural, usually by way of trauma. Many visited a doctor/therapist because of feeling disordered or discommunicative, but not all of them are. It is a common misconception that all plural systems fall under this category, but many do not.

Neo-shamanic - This is a practice that involves, among other things, journeying into other worlds and speaking with their inhabitants. There's a lot more to it than that, but that's the part most people know. This refers to an adaptation of shamanic practices from aboriginal tribes, and could be considered everything from a cultural appropriation on the bad end, to a useful and enlightening practice on the good end. I prefer the term "neo-shamanism" because it describes the useful aspects of what is being talked about, without implying that it is the original practice.

Journeying - The act of mentally / astrally / etc travelling to another world and engaging that world, speaking to its inhabitants, etc, and bringing back the knowledge. I am, again, really simplifying here. If you want to know more, I recommend studying it as a separate topic from this.

These posts may also be interesting for definition purposes:

- What is plural magic? - also talks about system types.
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.. more will be added as time goes on ..


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